Tips when traveling with cannabis

Many places consider marijuana to be illegal, whether it was legally prescribed or for recreational purposes. This greatly affects users with medical cannabis as their right to medication is compromised. Traveling with cannabis is illegal in most places and can lead to you being arrested and prosecuted but if you are willing to take the risk here are some of the ways that can prevent you from getting caught. 

Transportation Security Administration is not law enforcement.  TSA at the airport is focused on finding explosives and ensuring security for passengers.  They don’t search for cannabis and they cannot arrest you if they find your stash. The worst they can do is refer you to local law enforcement. Do not attempt to carry cannabis if you have anything remotely explosive with you including things that can be mistaken for bombs such as alarm clocks, lighters, and liquids. This will cause the TSA to search you thoroughly and get your stash.  

Smart packaging. Cannabis should have a discreet packaging that is odor-proof. You can use pouches made from organic fibers because they have a better chance of hiding the smell packing of edibles, vape pens, and tropical products should always be removed. No matter how you do your packaging remember not to travel with cannabis in a carry-on bag. 

Avoid smelly cannabis products as they can leak odor and get you in trouble. These products range from bud to creams, some being danker than others. 

Quantity. Carry a fair amount of weed that would not suggest that you are a dealer and is easier to conceal inside your luggage. TSAs let go of issues if insignificant amounts of weed have been detected. This would also be safer as you can put the weed in small airtight containers that you can purchase from a dispensary. 

Do not smoke weed in the car. If you traveling with weed in your car smoking it in there will sell you out to cops.  

Go for edibles. Edibles are the easiest to fly with by far as they can go into empty bags of candy and do not attract attention. 

Carry your medical card. If you have a medical card that shows you use cannabis for medication bring it with you. You can also make a copy of it and put it with your stash. 

Be calm. Guilty people are easy to spot because they act paranoid. Many people get caught with weed because they get paranoid and spend too much time freaking out about their, keep it cool! 

Do not carry cannabis on international flights. Every country has its own rules regarding handling drugs.  This will be risking your safety in the hands of other countries because you never know the consequences you will be facing. 

There are a lot of ways to travel with cannabis and it’s up to you to choose which best suits you. You just have to remember to keep calm and stay focused. Overall be a responsible cannabis user. 

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