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Things To Know About Weed Delivery Service In Canada

The use of cannabis has been legalized in Canada since 2018, although it took longer for delivery providers to prepare for shipping. The delivery service providers and the supply chain operators must comply with strict handling regulations stipulated by The Cannabis Act. Now, cannabis topicals, cannabis extracts, and edible cannabis are added to the Act, albeit with further rules.

Within the province

Following The Cannabis Act, customers are embracing weed delivery service in Canada in a big way. Although registered patients are allowed to order cannabis for medical purposes directly from licensed retailers, the regulations for recreational cannabis are different. Retailers can only deliver within the province where they operate. In some territories, private stores are not allowed to provide cannabis. 

How to receive weed

If someone wants to send you some weed, you can now receive it hassle-free. The province where you are receiving it defines the minimum age requirement. You must show your valid photo ID to the delivery agent before receiving your package to determine proof of age. You will then sign for the parcel. Your family member or friend sending the package can track the process to ensure you receive it in good time. 

Types of delivery services

  1. On-demand delivery: You can go for on-demand delivery if you need your weed at the spur of the moment. You may not get a broad range of products with on-demand delivery services, but you get limited options quickly. This type of service is apt for customers who are time conscious.
  2. Scheduled delivery: With a scheduled weed delivery service in Canada, the sender, after receiving the order, will organize the weed delivery and inform you of the date and time it will arrive. Since it is a planned delivery, you can select from a wide range. You can choose products of your liking. Besides, scheduled delivery providers tend to give good deals. 

Traveling within Canada

In Canada, if you comply with the minimum age stipulation of the territory or province you are traveling to, you can have in your possession around 30 grams of dried cannabis. However, it would be prudent to learn the laws and regulations of the territory or province you visit. The service providers must also adhere to the rules of the region.

Traveling internationally

There are stringent rules and regulations in Canada related to traveling internationally with weed. Before you do that, get informed thoroughly. The bottom line is that you are not allowed to transport cannabis or weed across the borders of Canada, whether you’re entering or leaving Canada. And it doesn’t matter what the laws are in your international destination. Never cross the Canadian border with weed.


Since the enactment of The Cannabis Act, weed delivery providers, both physical retailers and online retailers, have made it super easy for you to get weed from the comfort of your home. The choices, convenience, and affordability it offers is undoubtedly why weed delivery service in Canada are on the surge. But beware of act responsibly and get to know the provincial rules of you your area of residence.

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