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What Is Good with Psilocybin Mushroom Used to Treat PTSD?

Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic chemical that is found in some varieties of mushrooms that grow in Europe, Mexico, South America, and the United States. Such mushroom varieties are called magic mushrooms. It has benefits when used to treat PTSD.

Psychedelic therapy uses the psilocybin from magic mushrooms to treat mental health complications. This substance has some side effects both positive and negative when prescribed to a patient. It is known of inducing hallucinations when administered which may sound good or bad. Nevertheless, let us narrow it down to its positive effects on the user.

Mystical experiences

These are extremely meaningful experiences that people or patients undergo under the influence of psilocybin. It serves to shift their mindset from what is mediocre to what is meaningful. When dealing with trauma, psilocybin gives a refreshed state of thoughts and new reasonability is gained. This makes them think or behave differently from their initial state.

Increased suggestibility

Psilocybin mushroom used to treat PTSD disorder enables its users to be more suggestive. They give reasonable and meaningful suggestions which indicate the refreshment state they attain. This can enable them to be more responsive to the positive suggestions from a therapist attending to them. 

Causes neurotransmitter change

Neurotransmitters body cells that work like chemical messengers in the human body. Normally, most mental wellness drugs act directly on the neurotransmitters to enable a person to change their mood. This is the same with psilocybin. It changes the brain’s state of behavior and hence changes the mood. This is a good working principle that effectively enhances mental health. 

Deals with a terminal illness

Having a head-on knock with the news of a diagnosis of deadly infections can be scary and generates a lot of anxiety about death or what will come next. Research has proved that psychedelic therapy plays an important role, especially in Psilocybin mushroom used to treat PTSD, where it purports to ease this existential dread and the anxiety and fear that accompany it. 

Depression and fear

Psilocybin mushrooms used to treat PTSD disorder may also ease the symptoms of depression and fear among people who are facing serious illnesses. Research has also proved it right when the respondents in a research study shared their experience and proved a significant reduction in depression, anxiety, and also stress following their psychedelic experience. 

Helps ease the effects of hallucinating trauma

Psychedelic treatment involving psilocybin may help ease the effects of trauma. Sometimes the levels of demoralization go high among people which may result in serious mental troubles. Following a recently done research, participants attended therapy sessions and were given a dose of psilocybin. After three months there was a significant reduction in participants’ signs of demoralization.

Gets rid of addiction

There are emerging research bodies that suggest that psychedelic therapy may yield positive results to ease the symptoms of addiction. Addiction is related to other mental disturbances such as depression. Let us consider a research scenario 15 participants were recruited by researchers and administered to them both psilocybin and cognitive-behavioral quit-smoking programs. 

A year later, 67% had stopped smoking completely. Therefore, psilocybin is a plant compound that scientists suggest can stop addiction to something.


In summary, the use of melmec penis envy in psychedelic therapy has got a vast number of advantages that are helpful and useful when it comes to the field of mental health. More research, when done will prove it right that psilocybin is working and is beneficial.