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Safe ways to introduce CBD  uses to help relieve anxiety to yourself

As it is known, Cannabidiol is one of the cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant. Many people know and view the uses of Cannabidiol as a ‘drug.’ Although many people don’t know that CBD is used to help relieve anxiety is valid and working. If you may be having effects of stress most of the time, below, I will highlight ways you can introduce CBD to help you overcome fear.

By taking through edibles 

Cannabidiol can come in many forms. Although you As a beginner, you should consume it as an edible rather than in any other state. Thus it will ensure that you don’t get affected by its nature because it may make your body react badly. An edible Cannabidiol will help your body adapt slowly while controlling your anxiety.

Through correct dosage 

Cannabidiol is a susceptible drug, and thus, it’s very recommended that you adhere to dosage requirements. Too much of it would affect your body system. So a dose would enable your body to contain the CBD uses to help relieve anxiety very well.

Acquiring it from a medical officer 

Since Cannabidiol is considered a drug widely abused, getting it from impure sources may be costly in terms of its quality. Getting it from a medical officer will assure you of its good quality. Also, the medical officer will guide you on how to use it safely. 

Being responsible 

Responsibility always starts with a person him or herself. Thus the use and intake of CBD uses to help relieve anxiety should be taken responsibly. If not, one is likely to suffer the effects of addictions. Thus, the use of Cannabidiol should only be to solve anxiety and not for fun or any other activity. This will keep you safe so that you don’t go into depression because of addiction.

Don’t be under medication 

Since Cannabidiol is a very different kind of drug-taking, it, while you are unhealthy, would affect your body functions. This is because Cannabidiol has some potent compounds that do not go hand in hand with medication. So if you are taking away anxiety, let it be only anxiety.

Follow instructions 

Since the Cannabidiol drugs are now packed in packets, you should read the instructions on the packet so that you will have an idea on how to consume it.Thus will give you a go ahead on the best suitable dosage for you. Hence ,your body will be able to adapt to CBD uses to help relieve anxiety. 

In conclusion, as highlighted above , CBD uses to help reduce anxiety can really help you with anxiousness that you may be experiencing as long as you follow things highlighted above.

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Ways to consume THC edibles

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is a main psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces high sensation. THC edibles include baked goods such as waffles, cookies, biscuits and brownies, candy and sweets such as fruit bars, lollipops, chocolates, chewing gum, and marshmallows, beverages such as tea, beer, wine and energy drinks. Others include syrups and sugar. THC edibles effects are not the same compared to smoking, it produces more intense effects. Below are some of the ways to consume THC edibles.

Baked goods.

This includes edibles like waffles, cookies, biscuits and brownies. These edibles are baked starting with common bases however there are chefs that can make flour, sugar or milk that contain THC. Another option is by baking with the normal ingredients that do not contain THC but add it directly.


They include tea, coffee and beer among others. THC has been proven to have high solubility in hot drinks as compared to cold. There are creamers that have been infused with THC or one can add directly to a cup of coffee or tea. Other drinks like soda and lemonade are infused with THC with the updated infusion technologies a punch of 45 mg of THC.

Candy and sweets.

Includes chocolates, fruit bars, chewing gum, marshmallows and lollipops. They are created considering the consumer in mind. High dosage of THC edible is considered harmful. A low-starting dosage ranges between 1mg and 5mg of THC, it can be balanced with some amount of CBD so as to moderate the effects. Candy and sweets kick in faster because they are absorbed sublingually.


One can decide to prepare food that contains THC. It can be added directly or infused in cooking oil, cooking flour or butter. The infused oil is used for frying food while the butter is spread directly on food.


THC syrup is a group of oils that contain THC in high concentrations. Can be used for personal use or commercial use. One is able to use it as an ingredient, for example coffee.


The ways to consume THC edibles have their own pros and cons. There are also several myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of THC edibles. For others, they might be trying out on the THC edibles for the first time. Below are what to be considered before taking THC edibles:

  1. Pick their favorite THC. 
  2. Choosing your product. This will entirely depend on the duration it will take to get one high.

  c) Starting with 2 mg of THC edibles. Consuming more might lead to a risk of intoxication. 

  d)Exercising patience. One should take at least 2 hours before taking another dose of THC edibles. One should read the labels carefully before ingesting


CBD is said to be very beneficial for many dogs though partially. It is said that CBD oil can take between thirty to forty-five minutes before its effects are felt when used on dogs. It is also said that it is capable of helping a dog in very many ways. When used as required, it makes a dog feel more energetic and healthier. This helps improve the dog’s level of activeness. Some of the Benefits of CBD oil for dogs includes;

Appetite stimulation

CBD alongside with hemp have a very powerful ability of stimulating appetite on dogs. This is very important on old dogs who are fighting various sicknesses. This is because the appetite helps the dog have the urge to eat and the food eaten will help the dog fight the disease. This will hence give the dog strength. CBD is very essential in appetite stimulation since it is very effective and its effects can be felt after a very short period of time.

Light headedness

Another Benefits of CBD oil for dogs is treating anxiety on dogs. This is because it can cause a drop in the blood pressure which is believed to be temporary and can result to a little feeling of light headedness. This helps the dog to calm down and relax. It also helps the dog have peace of mind. CBD’s calming effect is also believed to be capable of causing slight drowsiness. In most cases, this happens when CBD is used in higher doses. This effect always has an aftermath of making a dog very active.

Pain treatment

CBD is said to contain compounds with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and oil reducing properties. When applied directly on a dog’s skin and massaged properly, it reduces pain and itching especially neuropathic pain and it can also help controlling seizures. Since arthritis is capable of causing inflammation and chronic pain, it is said that CBD can be beneficial since besides easing pain, it is believed to be capable of reducing inflammation. As a result, it can also help a dog by improving its concentration since it will be at peace and relaxed.


Benefits of CBD oil for dogs are numerous as CBD oil is one of the best in dog treatment. Since dog’s health is as well as important as any other animal’s health, it is advisable that dog owners keep track of their dogs and treat them regularly with such products.

calming dog treats

Uses of CBD Topical Cream that you didn’t know about

Some of the claim from manufactures of this CBD topical cream which have cannabidiol is that it reduces inflaming as well as pain easing. Experts however suggest that more research is needed so as to validate these claims. CBD was invented from cannabis sativa plant and its one of the chemicals present in that plant. 

CBD has been used by many people mostly those who have an affected area in the body hence they apply it directly to the areas affected. CBD is also present in salves, balms and transdermal patches as well as creams.

Large amount of CBD Topical Cream dosage is listed in milligrams (mg). It is advisable for a person to begin with a usage of lower dose changing slowly to larger doses if it’s necessary. A milligram of 8 per recommended application is provided in a high potency CBD skin cream.

There is usage of harsh and dangerous chemicals in extraction of the CBD topical cream which can be harmful to the environment as well as the user as traces of the chemicals might be found in the end product thus making the Use of CBD Topical Cream harmful to the user. 

CBD is also used in treatment of arthritis, jaw pain, peripheral neuropathy and acne, psoriasis and eczema.

 A study conducted in 2016 found out that there were some CBD products which have long lasting therapeutic effects on behaviors and inflammation associated with arthritis. Another study which was conducted in 2020 found that CBD Topical Cream can perfectly reduce pain for the victims of peripheral neuropathy.

in the year of 2019, a research done showed that people who experienced temporomandibular disorder in short form TMD may notice improvement in their condition after the Use of CBD Topical Cream. The American Academy of Dermatology confirmed that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD topical cream can lead to treatment of acne, psoriasis as well as eczema.

In conclusion, users who it is their first time to use CBD Topical Cream should begin using it in a little amount and continue applying more if necessary, but not using large quantity at a go. Uses of CBD Topical Cream as mentioned above are many; however, it is important to always consult a specialist before settling on any form of treatment. In case the CBD Topical Cream has adverse effects on you when you use it, kindly don’t fail to consult your doctor.